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AT&D Xperience
AT&D Xperience


AT&D Travels is a registered and fully-operational travel agency, located in Manila, owned by Mr. Harold Atondo. It started as an online ticketing business in September 2015, became a full-service agency the succeeding year, and expanded to one local branch in San Roque, Northern Samar and in works to become the first and sole tour operator of that region.

Aside from catering to retail individual and family travelers, AT&D Travels also provides corporate travel arrangements, Visa assistance, and travel business consultancy. With a strong support from large international travel networks and systems, AT&D Travels is an accredited and authorized agent of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Philippines Department of Tourism (DOT) with numbers of trusted affiliates and endorsements on both local and South-East Asia market offering competitive rates and first-class service nationwide.

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Connecting Continents

Let AT&D Travels take the wheel on your fruitful voyage, and marvel on the distinct beauty that each country offers!


Let AT&D Travel Services simplify your vacation process by staying in a floating city where everything you need is already in one place. A wide range of activities, varried destinations, and unique experience definitely awaits you!

Kalinangan Project

Our advocacy is to provide a unique experience featuring the beauty and heritage of the Philippines, custom fit to bring history and culture through the different senses. A dynamic journey through the sights and sounds of our significant past. A feel of nostalgia as we rekindle heirloom flavors brought by generations of intricate gastronomic methodologies and practices. A nourishing encounter that makes us understand the values and pride of Filipinos. This is our offer to you... This is your journey.

Philippines' Finest

Filipinos are blessed with natural resources which we can truly call the Philippines’ Finest. From our pristine beaches to majestic mountains and mysterious caverns, AT&D Travels has teamed with the best local tour operators to highlight what each region offers.
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