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Balabac, found in the far southwestern tip of Palawan, is a sanctuary for travelers who want to experience the primitive way of island life. In Balabac, you will live on an island with a scheduled lights-out, dishes freshly-made by the locals, and a daily dose of Vitamin Sea from unrefined beaches.

Let AT&D Xperience take you on an expedition to different islands in Balabac, and hear only the sound of the waves crashing to the fine sands of the islands.



Travelers who have been to Batanes always say that Batanes is an unbelievable place. Not only because of its picturesque landscape: the surrounding sea, mountainous terrains, and stone houses, but its ability to transform travelers into appreciating the simplicity of life far from the bustling cities. Despite being a small province, its immense heritage will keep you entertained.

Let AT&D Xperience take you on a tour to the North and South Batan, and Sabtang Island!



Bohol is more than just Chocolate Hills, there are more places to visit in Bohol!

Let AT&D Xperience take you on a tour. Witness the rich culture of the Boholanos through tasting their cuisine in a Loboc River Cruise, through seeing how nature blessed them in the Butterfly Conservation Center & Manmade Forest, and meeting one of the smallest primates, Tarsier, and experience a glimpse of their rich heritage through exploring the Baclayon Church & Museum.



Boracay did not top the list of Top 10 Most Visited Places in the Philippines for nothing. This beautiful island is known for its white fine sands, calm turquoise beaches, and the vast hotel options for every kind of traveler.

Let AT&D Xperience show you more beauty of the island by visiting the surrounding beaches like Din-Iwid Beach, Coral Garden, Ilig iligan Beach, and Starfish Garden (Monaco Suites Area) while devouring fresh-caught seafood.



Camiguin also called the Island Born of Fire, is an island formed after various earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. As majestic as how it was formed, this small laidback island is not only home to a cold and hot spring, falls, sand bars, beaches, church ruins, and of course, the famous Sunken Cemetery, but it’s also home to whimsical tales that always charm its travelers.

Let AT&D Xperience bring you to this dainty island in Mindanao, and explore the wonders in it.



Cebu is one of the progressive provinces in the Philippines, it is home to luxurious hotels, numerous malls, pristine beaches, enormous churches, and of course the food-coma-inducing Lechon & Scallops with cheese, that perfectly balances the city and the island life.

Let AT&D Xperience give you the best of both worlds! Allow us to take you on a trip to Oslob to swim with unhampered Whalesharks, and to Kawasan Falls to brave canyoneering.



Coron is one of the main tourist destinations in Palawan. Its natural underwater beauty, scenic landscapes, and shipwrecks which are the remnants of World War II, attracted a lot of travelers all over the world to visit the island. Over the years, Coron Island has an increasing volume of arrivals of both locals and international travelers.

Let AT&D Xperience bring you to the fascinating island of Coron, and be mesmerized with its beauty and story!



Davao City, the center of commerce in Mindanao, and the entry point of the Brunei–Indonesia–Malaysia–Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area. Despite being a highly-urbanized city, it protected its natural landscape and diverse tribes, which show how Davaoeños are at par with the hectic metropolis, yet they are still grounded to their culture.

Let AT&D Xperience take you on a tour to get to know the rich culture as told by the landmarks of the city.



Dumaguete, found in the southern part of Negros. Aside from leisurely dining in the restaurants in the harborfront. It is also a haven for travelers who enjoy outdoor activities like diving, hiking, or even just idling in the sand under the sun.

Let AT&D Xperience take you to one island tour that you like, either get sunkissed at Manjuyod Sandbar, snorkeling at Apo Island, or explore the Siquijor Island. Either you’ll surely have an unforgettable experience.


El Nido

Many travelers visit El Nido for its Bacuit Archipelago. Its abundance of colossal limestone cliffs, immaculate waters, and exquisite coral reefs cut across other tourist destinations with similar landscapes. With this, most travelers ensure to make it part of places to visit in the Philippines.

Let AT&D Xperience save you the effort and take you to see the fascinating destinations in El Nido such as Shimizu Island, Payong Payong, Secret Lagoon, Seven Commando, and Big Lagoon!


Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is the entryway to exploring lush rainforests and the fine beaches of the island. It attracts travelers with its boutique hotels, nightlife along Rizal Ave., and other commercial establishments for those who can’t forego the city life yet. It is also where the UNESCO heritage site, Puerto Princesa Underground River, a ‘mountain-to-sea’ ecosystem, is located.

Let AT&D Xperience balance the travel for you– see a world-renowned site in the city.


Port Barton

Port Barton, said to be a more laid back and more affordable version of El Nido. From the hip hostels, modish cafe, and reggae bars, Port Barton surely appeals to backpackers who are looking for an authentic island experience. Besides, it’s not as accessible as other destinations in Palawan, so it also gives you exclusivity at an affordable price.

Let AT&D Xperience take you on an expedition to visit neighboring destinations to see reefs, waterfalls, and sand bars!



Romblon is a truly blest province waiting to be discovered. This paradise consists of almost 20 islands and has an array of turquoise see, large cliff diving spots, sandbars, beaches, and waterfalls, that will be unforgettable for dauntless travelers.

Let AT&D Xperience allow you to explore the islands in Romblon hassle freely. Let us experience its islands and learn about its resonant heritage through the stories within the island.


San Vicente

San Vicente is home to the longest white sand beach in the Philippines, simply called “Long Beach.” Thrice the size of Boracay’s White Beach, San Vicente’s Long Beach spans 14.7km long. San Vicente offers an authentic island life by providing its travelers a laidback ambiance with island hoppings to nearby beaches, and reefs.

Let AT&D Xperience give you the opportunity to completely relax and disconnect from your city life routine.



Siargao a remote paradise recognized as the Number 1 Best Island in the World. Many travelers fly to this island to experience the commendable waves in Cloud 9, thus being named the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. On this small island, you will find a lot of pristine beaches, falls, and lagoons, and boutique hotels and authentic restaurants.

Let AT&D Xperience take you to this stunning island and experience everything it has to offer!



Siquijor is known as the dwelling of ethereal creatures that travelers are warned not to offend, and mystique mangkukulam (healers) that will infuse drinks or ointments to cast away the evil spells. But times have changed, healing your body doesn’t need any infused drinks, instead, Siquijor gives you a unique sunset as you marvel to its enchanting landscape.

Let AT&D Xperience take you on a tour to learn more about the island as told by the locals and its architecture.

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Kalinangan Project

Kalinangan Project


Baluarte: The Beginnings of a City

Allow us to take you in an unusual Manila tour that combines heritage, education, and gastro in a 12-hr experiential tour. In this tour, you will see the remnants of the past, smell the heirlooms of diverse cultures, taste authentic delicacies, hear traditional music, and touch edifices that witnessed the rising of the civilization. We will take you on an all-original, well-curated itinerary that will make you experience and understand history in a unique way.

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Connecting Continents



Europe has encapsulated both its diverse culture and resonant history in its medieval towns, picturesque villages, and city tourist spots oozing with art and passion, which makes it so ideal for all generations! Each city in Europe possesses a personality that any kind of traveler would relate to, thus, topping the list of “Once in a Lifetime Dream destinations!”

Talk to AT&D Travels today and let’s turn your dream vacation into a reality!


Holy Land

Be amazed at the heaven on earth! With its ancient & grand architectures and majestic structures that witnessed the unfolding of events in the Holy Bible, its untarnished nature, and the panoramic view of the Dead Sea, Jerusalem will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a time machine. Hence it’s a must-visit, not only for Catholics but for all people as well.

Talk to AT&D Travels today and let’s witness how the Holy Land will soothe your soul!


New Zealand

Experience the eye-glittering thermal wonderland of New Zealand, a peculiar place suitable for adrenaline-junkies and laid back people. With its diverse range of ecosystems, from tranquil lakes, active volcanoes, natural forests, desert-like hills and spectacular glaciers, it will either put a smile on your face or leave you to scream the fun out of you!

Talk to AT&D Travels today and experience your kind of adventure!


South East Asia

Complete your Top 10 Most Unforgettable Places, starting with Brunei’s historic mosque, to Cambodia’s captivating temples, Indonesia’s hiking sites, Laos’ limestone mountains, Malaysia’s cuisines, Myanmar’s bustling markets, Singapore’s impressive attractions, Thailand’s tropical beaches, Vietnam’s striking landscapes, & Philippines’ stunning turquoise beaches.

Talk to AT&D Travels today and enjoy these and more of Southeast Asia’s beauty!



Be astounded by the beauty of exploring the diverse region of Asia, experience the eclectic culinary scene, exciting urban attraction, exotic view of places, ancient temples, amazing ruins, remarkable architecture, modern city-state, stunning volcanoes, waterfalls, perfect nature parks, white sand and crystal-clear beaches with incredibly amazing cultures and customs.

Talk to AT&D Travels today and see, get inspired, start your eventful escapade in Asia!



Experience the ultimate #travelgoal with the shimmering city night lights, the astonishing attractions of an ancient mosque, charismatic temples, classic ruins, nature’s true wonder from forests, hills and sweeping landscapes. Adore the scenic sunset, hot springs, to enchanting views of beaches, white sands, and freshwater lakes.

Talk to AT&D Travels today, and let’s explore the Tri-cities and experience the perfect city getaway.



Be amaze with USA’s world-class glittering city of lights that holds a historical mix of cultures. See the unfathomable depth and profound horizon glazing-out over the cliff wall boulders of Grand Canyon, to California’s famous and charismatic streets, beautiful views of outdoor dining in Florida, to the luscious sin capital of Las Vegas, and to the amusing theme parks of Texas.

Talk to AT&D Travels today and experience the perfect vacation getaway destination, the USA.